Commercial Image Examples

Putting your project In-Motion!

Commercial Image Examples

Moon Dogs Logo

This is a logo I designed for a Band in the Stoke on Trent Area, before the times of COVID this was seen at a huge amount of musical sets in the Stoke-On-Trent area, it features a nice simplistic logo with the shape of a dog making up the centre and separating the text. Less is sometimes a lot more!

Facebook Banner

This is a logo that I created and was posted in multiple shops around the Cheadle town centre, it was a charity campaign to help the less fortunate children get something for Christmas last year! This banner can still be seen on the Facebook campaign page.

YouTube Overlay

This is a YouTube overlay I designed for Tom Green a few years ago, after liaising with Tom’s assistant it was apparent that Tom was more than happy with the results. It was featured for a number of weeks on the Official Tom Greens YouTube channel.

Local Town Council Poster

A more recent project featuring a local town councillor who was running for the North East Ward of Cheadle, these posters were scattered all around Cheadle along with 2 thousands leaflets distributed all across the ward!

Photography Logo

This is a logo for a small company called Cloud9ne, the client wanted something to represent his company of Photography via Instagram.

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